Yaounde is the capital of Cameroon in central Africa. With a population over 2 million, it is the second largest city in the country after Douala. 

It was founded in 1888 by German explorers with the permission of the natives. It became an agricultural research station called "Jaunde," named after the Yaunde tribe. It soon afterward became a major trading city for rubber and ivory. It was made capital of Cameroon in 1922.

Today, the city is known for its surrounding natural beauty, markets, and large sporting events stadium.

People Born in Yaounde

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Yaounde in People's Lives

Gerald Durrell: I traveled here in 1947 on a wildlife collecting expedition. It was my first of such voyages, and I had secured my place - despite having no experience - by paying my own way with the inheritance that my father had left me. I was 21 years old. The trip was successful, and we brought back many animals, which were then sold to English zoos.

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