Beautiful Wroclaw
Wroclaw is a city in southwestern Poland on the Odra River, the largest city in the west of its country. It frequently ranks among the best cities to live in, and is known as one of the lesser-traveled by tourists gems of Europe.

Settlement has existed here since about 140 AD, when it lay on a popular trading route. The city of today was first mentioned in history in the 10th Century as "Vratislavia." Throughout its history, it has belonged to many empires and kingdoms, including Poland, Bohemia, Hungary, Austria, Prussia, and Germany. It became a part of Poland in 1945.

Today, Wroclaw is known for its colorful buildings, iconic fountain, history, architecture, many events, literary and book scene, quality of life, and beauty.

People Born in Wroclaw

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Wroclaw in People's Lives

Heike Makatsch: I traveled here in 1998 to film scenes of the movie Aimee & Jaguar

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