Windsor Castle from the Air wideangle
Windsor is a county-town in England, about 21 miles outside London. Primarily, it is the location of Windsor Castle, one of the official residences of the British Royal Family. Windsor Castle is the largest castle in England and the 4th largest in the world, at nearly 18,000 square feet. It is the largest inhabited castle in the world and was built in 1066 by William the Conqueror.

People Born in Windsor

George IV of the United Kingdom

Berkshire in People's Lives

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2008 to film scenes of the movie The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Ralph FiennesI traveled here in 1997 to film scenes of the movie The Avengers.

Simon Cowell: I attended high school here around 1975, concentrating on sociology studies.

Victoria, Queen of England: I frequently visited this castle as a young queen, but permanently moved in here in 1862, immediately after the death of my beloved husband Albert. All of my other castles held painful memories, and I rarely left this one for the rest of my life. In mourning of Albert, I wore black for the rest of my life as well, and became more isolated. This earned me the nickname "Widow of Windsor." I abandoned my government duties, and rarely appeared in public, causing support of the monarchy to slide.

William Penn: I died here in 1718, heavily in debt.

William the Conqueror: I had the impressive, vast Windsor Castle built here in 1066, still to this day the largest castle in England and the 4th largest in the world.

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