William White
Reverend William White was the first Bishop of Pennsylvania and the second United States Senate Chaplain. 

Full Name William White
Who Bishop of Pennsylvania
Birth Date April 4, 1748
Death Date July 17, 1836
Country United States
Born Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Died Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Cause of Death general ill health / old age
Education University of Pennsylvania
Father Col. Thomas White
Mother Esther Hewlings White
Spouse Mary Harrison White

Sophia Hall

Elizabeth White

Sarah Charlotte White

Mary White Morris


Elizabeth Macpherson

Mary Bronson


White was the brother-in-law of Robert Morris. They became close friends, and Morris was a devoted attendee of both of White's churches.

White was a close friend and next-door neighbor of Benjamin Rush. During the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1793, Rush and White were among the only members of Philadelphia society to remain behind and tend the sick.

When White was made a bishop in 1787, his three consecrators were John Moore, Archbishop of Canterbury, William Markham, and Charles Moss.

As a member of the American Philosophical Society, White was an acquaintance of Benjamin Franklin.

White consecrated some of the first African-American deacons and priests, including Absalom Jones and William Levington.

George Washington was a regular attender of White's church for approximately 25 years, though White was concerned by the fact that Washington never once took communion. 


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Born here, 1748. Lived entire life here. Died here, 1836.

London, England, UK - Was ordained here, 1770. Was made bishop here, 1787.

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