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William Wallace was a Scottish knight and the primary leader of the Wars of Scottish Independence. He was made Guardian of Scotland from 1297 - 1298. He was captured and executed in 1305, but continued to have far-reaching effects on his war and his people, and was regarded as a martyred hero.

Full Name William Wallace
Who knight
Birth Date 1270
Death Date August 23, 1305
Country Scotland
Born Elderslie, Scotland, UK (disputed)
Died London, England, UK
Cause of Death executed - hanged, drawn and quartered
Education n/a

Malcolm of Elderslie (potentially)

Alan Wallace (potentially)

Mother Margaret Crawford
Spouse Marion Braidfute

Malcolm Wallace

John Wallace

Children Elizabeth Wallace of Lamington


Wallace fought with Andrew Moray, his second-in-command during the wars. They led many battles together and joint leaders.

Wallace was a colleague of Robert the Bruce, and deeply respected him. He resigned his post as Guardian of Scotland in 1298, so that Bruce could claim the title.

Wallace was corresponding with Philip IV of France, and likely traveled to the French court to meet with him around 1300, to plead with the French king to help the Scottish cause. 

Wallace was an ally to some extent of Haakon V of Norway. He was found to be carrying letters of safe passage from Haakon when he was captured in 1305.

Wallace was a colleague and supporter of John Balliol.

Edward I of England was Wallace's primary enemy. Edward's men eventually captured Wallace in 1305, and he was handed over to the English king in London. Edward then commanded a gruesome execution, and for Wallace's body parts to be scattered through-out the kingdom and displayed as an example.

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