William Penn was an English entrepreneur, philosopher, Quaker, and founder of the city of Philadelphia.

Full Name William Penn
Who various
Birth Date October 14, 1644
Death Date July 30, 1718
Country England
Born London, England, UK
Died Berkshire, England, UK
Cause of Death stroke

Christ Church at Oxford

University of Oxford

Father William Penn Sr.
Mother Margaret Jasper Penn

Gulielma Maria Springett

Hannah Margaret Callowhill


Peggy Penn

John Penn


Thomas Penn

Richard Penn

William Penn Jr.

John Penn


While growing up in Essex, Penn was a neighbor of Samuel Pepys, who unsucessfully attempted to seduce Penn's mother and his sister Peggy.

Penn was a close friend of George Fox, the founder of the Quaker movement. Penn was a close friend of Elizabeth of the Palatinate, whom he met in the last few years of her life, and stayed with on more than one occasion.


London, England, UK - Born here, 1644. Was here during Great Plague, 1665. Imprisoned here, 1668.

Chigwell, Essex, England, UK - Attended school here, 1650's.

Shanagarry, Ireland - Lived here, 1657.

Oxford, Oxfordshire, England, UK - Attended university here, 1660 - 1664.

Paris, France - Lived here briefly, 1664.

Saumur, France - Lived here briefly, 1664.

Cork, Ireland - Was arrested and officially converted to Quaker faith here, 1666.

Rosscarbery, Ireland - Stayed here, 1669.

Harwich, Essex, England, UK - Departed on a voyage from here, 1677.

Brielle, the Netherlands - Visited here, 1677.

Rotterdam, the Netherlands - Visited here, 1677.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands - Traveled here, 1677.

Naarden, the Netherlands - Visited here, 1678.

Herford, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Paderborn, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Kassel, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Frankfurt, Germany - Stayed here, 1678.

Worms, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Mainz, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Cologne, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Duisberg, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Mulheim, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Wesel, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Emmerich am Rhein, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Kleve, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Nijmegen, the Netherlands - Visited here, 1678.

Utrecht, the Netherlands - Visited here, 1678.

Emden, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Bremen, Germany - Visited here, 1678.

Leiden, the Netherlands - Visited here, 1678.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Founded this city, 1682. Lived here, 1680 - 1701.

Morrisville, Pennsylvania, USA - First Pennsylvania land purchased, around 1682.

Newtown, Pennsylvania, USA - Founded this town, 1684.

Berkshire, England, UK - Died here, 1718.

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