William Levy is a Cuban-American actor and model.

Full Name William Levy Gutierrez
Who actor / model
Birth Date August 29, 1980
Born Havana, Cuba
Country Cuba / United States
Education St. Thomas University
Father unknown
Mother Barbara Levy


Levy is a friend of Maite Perroni, and famously co-starred with her in two popular telenovelas.

Levy met Elizabeth Gutierrez on the set of a telenovel in 2003, and the two began dating. They had a son in 2006 and a daughter in 2010. In 2011, the two broke up after an eight-year relationship.

Levy acted (and made out) with Jennifer Lopez in her music video "I'm Into You" in 2011. It was also rumored that the two had an affair that played a part in Lopez's divorce.

In 2012, Levy performed on Dancing with Stars. His dance-partner was Cheryl Burke, and the pair placed third overall.


Havana, Cuba - Born here in 1980, grew up here. Lived here, 1980 - 1994.

Miami, Florida, USA - Moved here in 1994, attended high school and university here.

Los Angeles, California, USA - Visited here numerous times.

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Traveled here in 2005.

Atlanta, Georgia, USA - Traveled here in 2011.

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