Wijk aan Zee is a small town on the shores of the North Sea in the western Netherlands, in the province of North Holland. Though its seaside location has given it a vacation and tourist industry, it has often been praised for having retained its tradition, non-touristy roots, and for maintaining a sense of community rather than a vacation resort. It was named Cultural Village of Europe in 1999.

Its history and establishment are unknown, but today, it is known for its beaches, tourism and vacationers, beach houses, rolling green hillsides, surfing, and annual chess tournament.

People Born in Wijk aan Zee


Wijk aan Zee in People's Lives

Magnus Carlsen: I traveled here in 2004 to compete in the Corus Chess Tournament, where I made quite a stir when I lost only one game, earned my first GM norm, and played a famous game in which I used unusual and brilliant strategies, including sacrificing material in order to achieve check mate in 29 moves. This particular game was applauded across the world, and led Lubomir Kavalek to call me "the Mozart of chess" in the Washington Post. The game also caught the attention of Microsoft, who soon after that made moves to become my sponsor.

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