Wicklow is a town in the province of Leinster on the eastern coastline of Ireland, located between Wexford and Dublin. The River Vartry also flows through the town.

The area was first settled by the Celts around 600 BC, though evidence of Bronze Age civilization has been excavated. Around 850 AD, Vikings took over this town and established a base here, profiting off its advantageous position both on the river and on a natural harbor. They named the town "Vikinglo," meaning "Viking meadow," which is what the modern name of Wicklow originates from.

Today, Wicklow is known for its gorgeous surrounding land of rolling countryside, meadows carpeted in lush green grass and wildflowers, streams, and forests, as well as for its river, history, Viking heritage, and harbor.

People Born in Wicklow

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Wicklow in People's Lives

Patrick, Apostle of Ireland: After being held captive as a slave for six years in Ballymena in the 5th Century, and during that time converting to Christianity, I heard a voice one day telling me to leave my master and go to the ship that was waiting for me. I ran away from my life of slavery and walked until I reached this town, where I eventually and with much difficulty convinced a captain to take me aboard his ship to France. Years later, after studying and being ordained in France, I returned to Ireland as a missionary, and landed again in this harbor. The people of the town, however, were far from welcoming, and I had to leave shortly after landing.

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