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Weston-super-Mare is a seaside resort town in the county of Somerset in southern England, located on the Bristol Channel coast. It is 18 miles southwest of Bristol.

Traces of Iron Age settlements have been found in the town, though settlement dates back to approximately the 13th Century. The town's name means "western town upon the sea" in Latin.

Today, Weston-super-Mare is known as a vacation destination, for its piers, beaches, carnival atmosphere, and tourism.

People Born in Weston-super-Mare

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Weston-super-Mare in People's Lives

Keira KnightleyI traveled here in 2009 to film scenes of the movie Never Let Me Go

Roald Dahl: I attended St. Peter's Boarding School in this town, from approximately 1925 - 1929. I was deeply unhappy and depressed while here, and missed my mother greatly. I wrote to her weekly, but could not reveal any ill feelings toward the school, as my letters were closely censored. I wrote of my dreadful time here in my memoir Boy. Decades later, after my mother's death, I discovered that she had kept every single letter I had written her during my time here.

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