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Washington Allston was an American painter and poet, a pioneer in the introduction of romantic landscape pieces.

Full Name Washington Allston
Who artist
Birth Date November 5, 1779
Death Date July 9, 1843
Country United States
Born Georgetown, South Carolina, USA
Died Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA
Cause of Death old age

Harvard University

Royal Academy of Arts

Father Henry C. Flagg
Mother Rachel Moore Allston
Spouse Ann Channing Allston


Allston was the uncle of teacher of painters George Whiting Flagg and Jared Bradley Flagg.

Through marriage to his wife Ann, Allston was the brother-in-law of William Ellery Channing.

While studying at the Royal Academy of Arts, Allston was a great admirer of Benjamin West, the president of the school, who became a friend and mentor to him.

While on a trip to Rome, Allston met and befriended Washington Irving.

On the same trip to Rome, Allston met Samuel Taylor Coleridge, who became a lifelong friend. The two deeply admired each other's work. Allston painted his friend's portrait in 1819.

Allston's attention was caught by the work of a young Samuel Morse. The two became friends, and in 1811 Allston invited Morse to accompany him to England to meet artist Benjamin West and study at an arts school for three years. In England, Morse was accepted in the Royal Academy of Arts and continued to rely upon Allston as a mentor.

Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow were great admirers and acquaintances of Allston's.


Georgetown, South Carolina, USA - Born here, 1779.

Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA - Attended university here, 1796 - 1800. Lived here, 1818 - 1843. Died here, 1843.

Charleston, South Carolina, USA - Lived here, 1800.

London, England, UK - Attended artist's academy here, 1801 - 1803. Lived here, 1812 - 1818.

Paris, France - Visited here, 1804.

Rome, Italy - Traveled here numerous times between 1804 - 1808.

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