Warm Springs is a tiny town in western Georgia, with a population of less than 500 inhabitants. 

It began as a spa town in the 19th Century, originally named "Bullochville" after Martha Bulloch Roosevelt and her family. It was renamed Warm Springs in 1924 by Franklin D. Roosevelt, who came here secretly for decades, hoping that the warm mineral waters would heal his contracted polio.

Today, Warm Springs is still a boutique spa resort, also known for its historic significance to the Roosevelt family, charmings inns, and state park.

People Born in Warm Springs

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Warm Springs in People's Lives

Lucy Mercer: I traveled here in April of 1945, to have a romantic vacation with Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom I had been in a secret romance with for decades. However, while on the trip, Roosevelt unexpectedly passed away. I fled the area so as not to let his wife, Eleanor, know that I had been present at the time of his death. I was devastated.

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