Waco is a city in north-central Texas, located on the Brazos River halfway between Austin and Dallas

Before European settlement, the area had been inhabited for thousands of years by a tribe of Wichita Indians, called the Wacos. In 1825, Stephen F. Austin, hearing from explorers about the beauty and usefulness of the land, planned to destroy the Indian village, but decided instead to make a treaty. The Waco moved to the area of Fort Worth, and settlement of the town began in 1838.

Today, Waco is unfortunately best known for its involvement in a religious cult that instigated a shootout with FBI agents, ending in a siege that lasted 50 days and an enormous fire. The siege was responsible for the deaths of 78 people. Otherwise, Waco is also known for its suspension bridge, as the location of Baylor University, its downtown area, for its mammoth excavations, and Texan and Native American heritage.

People Born in Waco

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Waco in People's Lives

Natalie PortmanI traveled here in 1999 to film scenes of the movie Where the Heart Is. We filmed on location at Baylor University.

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