Voltaire was a French writer, philosopher and historian. Considered ahead of his time during his 18th Century lifetime, he was known for his satires, sharp wit, daring attacks on the Catholic Church, and as a champion of free speech, religious freedom, self expression, and the seperation of church from politics. He wrote on an expansive array of topics, and in an assortment of different genres of authorship, including novels, short stories, articles, plays, poems, essays, novellas, letters, pamphlets, histories, and scientific pieces.

Full Name Francois-Marie Voltaire Arouet
Who writer
Birth Date November 21, 1694
Death Date May 30, 1778
Country France
Born Paris, France
Died Paris, France
Cause of Death general ill health after a journey
Education n/a
Father Francois Arouet
Mother Marie Marguerite d'Aumart
Spouse none

Armand Arouet

Marguerite Catherine Arouet Mignot

Children none


Voltaire was a friend of Giacomo Casanova, though later in life the two men got into a publishing feud.

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