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Virgo: "The Virgin"

August 23rd - September 22nd

Type - Earth

Positive attributes - Observant, Helpful, Reliable, Precise, Analytical, Honest, Giving, Caring

Negative attributes - Skeptical, Fussy, Cold, Inflexible, Interfering, Naive

Virgo are very internal beings who keep everything inside and feel things deeply, often lost in thought. To the world, Virgos present a calm and collected exterior, but inside they may often be lost in a swirling turmoil of their own thoughts. Intensely thoughtful, they may overthink things, and become tired or stressed simply by their own thoughts. They like to have things sorted out neatly, and precise and detailed. They have a constant drive to improve things, or themselves, which can lead to pickiness and fussiness. They are often perfectionists. Generally, Virgos have naturally pure intentions, and can be innocent and naive. They are very polite, and do not wish to upset anyone. For those close to them and those that they love, Virgos will go to great lengths to please them. They enjoy serving people and helping others, and will do anything that a loved one asks of them. This can at times get them into trouble, or make them easy targets to be taken advantage of. Honest and humble, they can also be highly critical, and their clear-minded ability to analyze things can be both a talent or a negative attribute, as they may be overly critical of things, expecting everything and everyone around them to perfect, and being especially hard on themselves. They are extremely devoted, but sometimes their nagging and picking on the flaws of people can be irritating. They are logical and truthful. They like their world to be kept in order, and enjoy routines and settling into a life that they can make perfectly their own.

Virgo People

August 23 - Jedidiah Morse

August 23 - Louis XVI of France

August 24 - Jorge Luis Borges

August 25 - Rachel Bilson

August 26 - Alexi Lubomirski

August 27 - Anne Marie d'Orleans

August 27 - C.S. Forester

August 27 - Gloria Guinness

August 27 - Lyndon B. Johnson

August 28 - Cassadee Pope

August 28 - Franziska Facella

August 28 - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

August 29 - Jean-Baptiste Colbert

August 29 - John Locke

August 29 - Michael Jackson

August 29 - William Levy

August 31 - Donyale Luna

August 31 - Kenneth Oppel

September 1 - Zendaya Coleman

September 2 - Keanu Reeves

September 4 - Beyonce Knowles

September 5 - Annabelle Wallis

September 5 - Carice van Houten

September 5 - Louis XIV of France

September 7 - Elizabeth I of England

September 8 - Rachel Hunter

September 9 - Aurelian

September 9 - Michael Buble

September 10 - Coco Rocha

September 12 - Emmy Rossum

September 13 - Roald Dahl

September 15 - Agatha Christie

September 15 - Sophie Dahl

September 16 - Alexis Bledel

September 16 - Nick Jonas

September 18 - Aisha Tyler

September 19 - Twiggy Lawson

September 21 - Bill Murray

September 21 - David Wenham

September 22 - Anne of Cleves

September 22 - Ilse Koch

September 22 - Tatiana Maslany

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