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Victoria is the capital of the province of British Columbia in southwestern Canada, located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island on the shore of the Pacific Ocean. It is the 15th most-populated region in Canada. The city is located 62 miles by land from Vancouver, and 62 miles by sea from Seattle.

Formerly inhabited by the Songhee tribes, the first European explorers in the area were Spanish, landing in 1774. The actual city was founded in 1841 by James Douglas, and named in honor of Queen Victoria.

Today, Victoria is known for its enchanting beauty, fairytale appearance, bright city lights, architecture, Canadian history, romantic appeal, universities, tourism, island and seaside atmosphere, and for enjoying the Canadian seasons without snowfall.

People Born in Victoria

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Victoria in People's Lives

Kenneth OppelMy family moved here from Halifax around 1981, when I was about 14. I attended St. Michaels University High School. I had a strong interest in creative writing, and began writing epic fantasies about swords and scorcery, heavily influenced by Dungeons & Dragons, of which I was a fan. I also enjoyed playing video games, and during the summer of 1981, when I was 14 years old, I began writing a novel about a boy addicted to video games. The next summer, in 1982, I rewrote the book and let some people read it. A family friend of my parents loved it, and sent it to his friend - who happened to be Roald Dahl. It turned out that Dahl loved it too, and recommended it to his agent. I was "paralysed with excitement," and my first book was published in 1985, when I was 18 years old. I was thrilled by the possibility that I could make a career out of writing. I moved to Toronto to attend the University of Toronto in 1985.

Rudyard KiplingI traveled here in 1889, during a world tour of sorts through North America.


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