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Veruschka von Lehndorff is a German former model, actress, and artist. She was one of the top supermodels of the 1960's.

Full Name Vera Veruschka Gottliebe Anna Grafin von Lehndorff Steinort
Who model
Birth Date May 14, 1939
Born Kaliningrad, Russia
Country Germany
Education n/a
Father Heinrich Graf von Lehndorff
Mother Countess Gottliebe Grafin von Kalnein
Husband none

Mary Eleanor "Nona" van Haeften

Gabriele von Plotho

Katharina Kappelhoff-Wulff

Children none


Lehndorff's father was Heinrich Graf von Lehndorff, a German officer who was active in the German Resistance during World War II, after seeing Jewish children being beaten to death. He was executed when Veruschka was 5 years old for attempting to assassinate Adolf Hitler in the 20 July Plot. After his execution, Lehndorff, her sisters, and her mother were thrown into concentration camps, where they spent the remainder of the war.

Through her sister's marriage, Lehndorff became an in-law of Richard Wagner: her sister married Wagner's great-grandson.

Lehndorff's high profile acquaintances included Eileen Ford, Salvador Dali, and Peter Beard, who took her to Kenya. 

Lehndorff was an enemy of Grace Mirabella, and once Mirabella was made editor-in-chief of Vogue in 1975, their feud got to the point that Lehndorff shocked the fashion world by walking away from the industry. As she had for years been the most sought after model in the world, it was a dramatic exit. She did not model again until years later.

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