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Venice is a city in northeastern Italy, built on a cluster of 118 tiny islands and connected by bridges and waterways.

It was founded sometime before 421 by Roman refugees. The Republic of Venice was a powerful city-state during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, and joined Italy in 1866.

Today, Venice is renowned worldwide as one of the most beautiful, unique cities on earth, mainly due to the canals that act as highways and roads throughout the city.

Venice is also known for its tourist draw, wealth, architecture, history, art, carnivals, opera, music, and mysterious beauty.

People Born in Venice

Giacomo Casanova

Venice in People's Lives

Adriana Lima: I traveled here in 2003 to film the "Angels in Venice" commercial with Bob Dylan for Victoria's Secret.

Jude Law: I traveled here in 1998 to film scenes of the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley. We filmed at Cafe Florian in the Piazza San Marco, and at the Hotel Europa & Regina.

Luisa Casati: Already a beautiful celebutante all over Europe, I moved here in 1910, into an 18th-Century palace on the Grand Canal. The parties, soirees, and salons that I held there soon became legendary. To be invited entrance to my home was the height of Venetian high society. I housed a menagerie of exotic animals there and sometimes held mock fashion shows patronizing popular designers. I moved away in 1919. Years later, my house was purchased and lived in by Peggy Guggenheim.

Napoleon Bonaparte: I conquered this city in 1797, despite the fact that I had just recently signed a treaty with Austria giving them the Republic of Venice. I gave my soldiers free reign in looting the wealth and treasures of the city, and among the artifacts stolen were the Horses of Saint Mark. By taking this city, I ended its 1100 years of independence. I was heavily criticized for looting this city, and some began to warn that I may become a dictator.

Ralph Fiennes: I traveled here in 1995 to film scenes of the movie The English Patient. We filmed at the Hotel Luxor e Cairo.

Sienna Miller: I traveled here in 2004 to film the movie Casanova.

Zuzanna Bijoch: I visited here in 2013 to do a high fashion photo shoot.


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