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Valletta is the capital city of Malta, located on the southeastern coastline of the tiny island country. In Maltese, it is colloquially known as "Il Belt," which translates as "the City." It is the second southernmost city in the European Union after Nicosia, Cyprus. The entire city has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1980. Its nickname is "Superbissima," or, "most proud."

The city began as a watchtower in 1530, which was later transformed into a fort in 1550. The official city was established in 1566.

Today, Valletta is renowned for its beauty, architecture, rich history, harbor, waterfront, maritime economy and activities, gardens, churches, and culture.

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Valletta in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: While on my way to Egypt in 1798, the fleet that I was commanding demanded entry to this city's port, intending to take aboard water and supplies. The Grand Master of Knights Hospitaller, who ruled the city, was Ferdinand von Hompesch zu Bolheim, and he replied that he would allow my ships to enter - but only two at a time. If this was to be the case, my large fleet would take weeks to stock, and this delay would also give the British Admiral Horatio Nelson ample time to find and attack us. And so, I ordered an invasion of Malta. With so many ships, and due to the fact that Malta is a tiny island country, my fleet surrounded the entire land and began invading from all directions. Though some of my troops refused to fight due to pay cuts, we still vastly outnumbered the Maltese knights. Once it became obvious that we could take the island easily, Bolheim surrendered this city to me. My fleet was refurbished, and we continued onward to Egypt. 


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