Autumn gate in Japan
Unzen is a town in the Nagasaki Prefecture of southern Japan, located at the southern tip of the Shimabara Peninsula, with Mount Unzen to the south.

It was officially established in 2005 as a merging of seven small villages.

Today, it is best known for its natural hot spring, nearby mountain, and beautiful modern Japanese houses.

People Born in Unzen


Unzen in People's Lives

Pearl S. Buck: After violence toward westerners erupted in our city of Nanjing, China in 1927, my husband and I decided to temporarily leave China until the riots had ended, and traveled from Shanghai to this town. My time in Japan was far better than I had expected it to be, having had a mainly negative view of the Japanese people previously as rigid and militant. It was here that I began writing, or rather, telling stories meant for everyone. Amidst this, my marriage worsened, and I often felt lonely. We returned to Nanjing in 1928.

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