Unalaska in summer
Unalaska is a small town in the Aleutian Islands off the southern coast of Alaska. Though its population is a mere 4,500, it consists of 80% of all inhabitants of the Aleutian Islands.

Originally inhabited by the Aleut Native Americans, it was called by them "Ounalashka." It was the site of bitter land feuds between Russian fur traders and the Aleuts during the 18th Century. In the 1760's, a Russian trading post was established here, but it was destroyed in 1774. The town of today was established by the Spanish in 1788.

People Born in Unalaska

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Unalaska in People's Lives

Gore Vidal: I traveled here in 1944, as a junior maritime warrant officer in the Transportation Corps for the United States Navy. I was 19 years old, and began writing my first book. I served here on the ship F.S. 35th as a first mate, and we docked in Dutch Harbor.

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