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Tyre is a city in southwestern Lebanon, located on the Mediterranean coastline about 50 miles south of Beirut. It is the fourth-largest city in Lebanon.

It was founded in 2750 BC as a Phoenician walled city, and is one of the oldest cities in the world.

Today, Tyre is known for its rich and ancient history, waterfront and beaches, historic ruins, port, and maritime economy and activities.

People Born in Tyre

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Tyre in People's Lives

Herodotus: I visited here around 454 BC, and from this city left via the Euphrates River to Babylon.

Marc Antony: I was forced to pull myself away from the blissful luxury of Alexandria and my lover Cleopatra in early 40 BC, when I traveled here to confront a Syrian invasion. I missed Cleopatra and our twin children desperately, but after heading off the threat of invasion, was forced to sail to Rome to confront Augustus, who was at the time challenging the empire with a civil war against my wife-in-name and brother.

Napoleon Bonaparte: While marching my armies to conquer Acre in 1799, I stopped here and also took this city. 

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