Tuxtla is the capital and largest city of the Mexican state of Chiapas, the only metropolitan area in the state. It is located in southern Mexico.

It was first settled around the 13th Century by native people, and Spanish conquistadors began to inhabit the area in the 16th Century. The city has no official founding date.

Today, it is known for its churches, natural beauty, architecture, and cuisine.

People Born in Tuxtla

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Tuxtla in People's Lives

Pedro de Alvarado: I was sent here by Hernan Cortes as commander of the Spanish Conquest of Guatemala. Though the conquest took place in many locations in the area, this served as my main base, and the conquest ran from 1523 - 1527. At first, I allied myself with one of the native tribes, hoping to use their traditional rivalry with another, more agressive tribe for my benefit and enlist them to help me conquer them. However, the allied tribe was so horrified by my violence that they refused to join me, even to fight their enemies. Resistance increased, and it took three years - far longer than I had anticipated - to completely stamp out revolts and control the region with an iron fist. I enslaved the natives, forced them to mine precious metals for my own pocket, and treated them without mercy. The slightest infraction resulted in cruel punishments, such as death by hanging or flogging, throwing them to be eaten by dogs, or burning them alive. Still today, I am remembered in South America for my terrible cruelty.

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