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Tunis is the capital of Tunisia, and its largest city. It is located on the Gulf of Tunis on the Mediterranean Sea.

It was established by the Berbers in the 2nd Century BC, but destroyed in 146 BC by the Romans. A city was subsequently rebuilt on the same site and became a prosperous Roman agricultural town. The city was ruled by Arab Muslims, the Spanish, and the French at different points in its history, and it still retains pieces of culture from all three. It was formerly the location of the ancient city of Carthage, which is now a suburb of Tunis.

Today, it is known as the center of Tunisia, renowned for its exotic beauty, architecture, history, bay and beaches, mix of Arabian, Spanish, and French influences, culture, souks, and blue-trimmed buildings.

People Born in Tunis

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Tunis in People's Lives

Gustave Flaubert: I traveled here in 1858 to research a book that I was working on, which would later become Salammbo. I stayed here for two months, from April to June, and soaked in the environment. I also spent much time studying ancient Classical texts.


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