Tula is a city in the subject of Tula Oblast in western Russia, located 120 miles south of Moscow on the Upa River. 

It was first mentioned in history in 1146. During the Middle Ages, the city was a minor fortress, which was reconstructed into a kremlin citadel beginning in 1514. After that, it became a key citadel town, often fought over. 

Today, Tula is known for its architecture, history, churches, beauty, orphanage, metalworking, and music.

People Born in Tula

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Tula in People's Lives

Leo TolstoyI began spending much time around 1848, when I was an unruly 20 year old. I traveled into this city in order to drink and gamble, and within a few years had accumulated massive gambling debts.

Peter the Great: I visted this city in 1712, when I commissioned elite blacksmiths to build the first armory factory in Russia here. Within 30 years, this city would become the greatest ironworking center of Eastern Europe.

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