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Truman Capote was an American writer of novels, short stories, screenplays, and plays. Many of his works of fiction became classic American literature, such as Breakfast at Tiffany's (1958) or In Cold Blood (1965). 

Full Name Truman Streckfus Garcia Capote
Who writer
Birth Date September 30, 1924
Death Date August 25, 1984
Country United States
Born New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Died Los Angeles, California, USA
Cause of Death liver disease / heavy drug use
Education n/a
Father Archulus Persons
Mother Lillie Mae Faulk
Spouse n/a


Capote was a lifelong friend and neighbor of Harper Lee. Both inspired the other's writing - Lee based the character of Dill in To Kill a Mockingbird off of him, and Lee in turn inspired Capote to write his most successful work, In Cold Blood. However, after this, the two writers drifted apart.

In 1945, the 21 year old Capote was fired from his job as a copy boy at the New York Times for angering Robert Frost.

Capote's first serious relationship was with Newton Arvin, a literature professor. Capote dedicated two of his novels to Arvin.

Capote had a longterm relationship with Jack Dunphy. The two were together for most of their lives, until Capote's death.

Capote's feud with Gore Vidal was one of the most famous literary feuds in history. The two men particularly hated each other, and both were known for being strong-willed and venomous. Mutual friends did their best to stay out of the two men's way. When Capote told the press in 1975 about Vidal's bad behavior at a visit to the White House, VIdal in turn sued Capote for slander.

Capote was an acquaintance of Patricia Highsmith, Katharine Graham, Andy Warhol, Tennessee Williams, and others.

Capote was a friend of Babe Paley, who he also considered a muse. He called her "perfect." However, after he featured Paley in a thinly veiled disguise in his book Answered Prayers, about New York's high society secrets, Paley broke off from Capote. The end of their illustrious friendship was heavily covered by the tabloids. They never reconciled.

Capote was a friend of Lee Radziwell, the sister of Jacqueline Kennedy. He wrote a screenplay for a television program that Radziwell was starring in in 1967, but it recieved quite negative reviews, and was considered his first professional failure. Nevertheless, Radziwell became Capote's queen female companion, replacing his former muse Babe Paley. Years later, he felt betrayed when Radziwell supported his nemesis Gore Vidal, and in turn shared intimate secrets about her and her sister on the radio. Needless to say, their friendship ended.

Though Carson McCullers was an early supporter of Capote, they stopped getting along very well later in life.

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