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Trujillo is a small coastal town in northern Honduras. It is situated on a bluff overlooking the Bay of Trujillo, bordered by two mountains.

Christopher Columbus landed here in 1502 and claimed the land for Spain. It was established as a city in 1524.

People Born in Trujillo

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Trujillo in People's Lives

Henry Morgan: I fought in a skirmish here around 1663.

Pedro de Alvarado: After serving as Governor of Guatemala for many years, I was also announced Governor of Honduras in 1532. The position sounded far more grand than it actually was - at the time, Honduras consisted almost entirely of unknown wilds, and a single settlement - this town. The Spanish were even in the middle of seriously considering abandoning Honduras and concentrating on Peru. However, I took on the job eagerly as a new challenge. I began sending African and Mayan slaves to work at mining in the country, and made travel between the borders of Honduras and Guatemala more feasible. I took iron control of the native indians in the area, and stayed here until 1537.

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