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Tromso is a large town in northwestern Norway. It is the second-largest urban area in the Sampi Arctic Circle. Most of the city is actually geographically located on an island, and is connected to Norwegian mainland and a handful of other islands upon which Tromso is based by bridges and tunnels. 

With a rich and well-documented Norse and Sami heritage, Tromso was established around 800 AD, though archaeological evidence has been found that there was settlement here up to 10,000  years ago. The city experienced a golden age of wealth and culture from the 18th to 19th Century, when it was often nicknamed "Paris of the North."

Today, Tromso is known for its polar nights - when everything is under twilight even in the afternoons, its midnight sun winters, beauty, enchanting city lights, waterfront and maritime activities, houses, history, rapid growth, culture, quaint downtown area, shops, and Northern Lights.

People Born in Tromso

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Tromso in People's Lives

Magnus Carlsen: I traveled here in 2007 to compete in the Arctic Chess Challenge, an open tournament. My performance and score were under what had been predicted for me, but this was affected by me conceding a draw to one of my opponents, a friend and former classmate. I also played my father in the tournament, and won.

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