Trapani is a town on the west coast of Sicily southern Italy, and is considered a gateway city to the Egadi Islands.

An ancient city, it was a Greek colony and port, founded around 350 BC. It fell to Carthage in 260 BC, and then to the Romans in 241 BC. Following Roman rule, the city was then controlled by Vandal, Byzantium, Ostrogoth, Norman, kingdom of Naples, and Arab empires. The city grew wealthy and prominent during the Middle Ages.

Today, Trapani is known as a beautiful Sicilian city, notable for its Mediterranean views, beaches and coastline, colorful buildings, architecture, culture, maritime activities and economy, port, fishing industry, export of salt and marble, history, and wine.

People Born in Trapani


Trampani in People's Lives

Marko Jaric: I won a gold medal playing basketball in the 1998 FIBA Under-20 Championship, while still a junior player. 

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