Toulon is a coastal city in the south of France. It was colonized by Grecian settlers in the 7th Century BC. Today, it is known as an important naval base, as well as for its shipbuilding, wine, and fountains.

People Born in Toulon

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Toulon in People's Lives

Charles Hector d'Estaing: I sailed from the harbor here in 1778 as a vice admiral of a fleet of sixteen ships entering into the American Revolutionary War.

Napoleon Bonaparte: At the age of 24, I was artillery commander of the Siege of Toulon here in 1793, when it was being occupied by British forces. I planned an attack that would force the British into the harbor and evacuation. During the siege, I was wounded in the thigh, but my troops captured the city. The victory gained me much acclaim, and I was promoted to brigadier general. Five years later in 1798, now one of the most powerful men in France, I departed from this city on an expedition to conquer Egypt.

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