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Toul is a town in the region of Lorraine in northeastern France. Officially, it is a commune rather than a town.

It was formerly the ancient capital of the Gaulish tribe Leuci, and was later conquered by the Romans and named by them "Tullum Leucorum." The town became part of the kingdom of East Francia in 870, was a city state during the later Middle Ages, and was made part of France in 1552.

Today, Toul is known for its cathedral, history, and stone ramparts.

People Born in Toul

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Toul in People's Lives

Hilaire Belloc: Because I had been born in France, and despite living in England for my entire life was officially a French citizen, I was legally required to serve in the French military. I entered the military in 1891, traveling here from Birmingham at the age of 21. I was stationed here for three years, before returning to England to attend university in 1894. I returned in 1901, now a celebrated 31 year old writer, to embark on a pilgrimage to Rome. I began my walking voyage from the Nancy Gate in this city.

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