Torquay sunset

Torquay is a seaside town in England, in the principality of Devon. It rose from a simple fishing village to a famed retreat during the Napoleonic Wars, when the Royal Navy spent much time anchored there.

People Born in Torquay

Agatha Christie

Torquay in People's Lives

Agatha Christie: I was born here in 1890, the baby in my upper-middle class family. We lived in a beautiful villa called Ashfield, and my childhood was surrounded by a sense of independence and adventure, and, of course, books. I left in 1905, at the age of fifteen, to attend finishing school. During World War I, I tended to wounded soldiers here at the local hospital.

Rudyard Kipling: After a lovely and peaceful life back in Brattleboro, Vermont with my family fell apart, I decided that we should relocate back to England in 1896, and so my wife Carrie and our two daughters set sail to this town, arriving in September. We lived in a house on a hillside overlooking the English Channel. I did not care for the home, and it left me feeling dispirited and gloomy. I was often out and about trying to occupy myself, or writing. By this time, I was a famous man, still having to fend off journalists who had heard that I now lived in town. I wrote two poems, Recessional and White Man's Burden, that were both quite controversial. Also while living here, I wrote the book Stalky & Co., which was inspired by many true events of school days in the nearby town of Westward Ho. I loved reading from this book aloud, and often fell into fits of laughter over my own writing. My first son, John, was born in 1897. In the same year, we moved away to Burwash.

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