Gorgeous stair to the sea
Tintagel is a small town in the county of Cornwall on the southeastern coastline of England. It is at times known additionally as "Trevana" or "Tre war Venydh," which means "village on a mountain" in Cornish. The population is around 1,850. Despite its quiet and remote atmosphere, it is one of the most-visited locations in England, as it is tied with myths and legends of King Arthur.

A castle was built here sometime in the early 11th Century, and a town was established in 1253 by Richard, 1st Earl of Cornwall. The town was known as "Trevana" until the 19th Century. 

Today, Tintagel is widely associated with King Arthur, cloaked in the mysterious and intriguing lure of myth. The location itself seems to enchanting and mythical itself, with castles, stairs to the sea, misty mornings, seaside cliffs, and unique architecture.

People Born in Tintagel

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Tintagel in People's Lives

Liam Neeson: I traveled here in 1984 to film scenes of the movie Lamb. We filmed at the King Arthur's Castle Hotel.

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