Thomas Edison
Thomas Edison was an American inventor and businessmen, considered to be one of the greatest inventors of all time. Among his best and most influential inventions were the phonograph, motion picture camera, electric light bulb, stock ticker, and electric car battery. He was also a key figure in developing the process of mass production and research labs.

Full Name Thomas Alva Edison
Who inventor
Birth Date February 11, 1847
Death Date October 18, 1931
Country United States
Born Milan, Ohio, USA
Died West Orange, New Jersey, USA
Cause of Death diabetes
Education self educated
Father Samuel Ogden Edison Jr.
Mother Nancy Matthews Elliott Edison

Mary Stillwell Edison

Mina Miller Edison


Marion Edison

William Pitt Edison

Harriet Ann Edison

Carlisle Edison

Samuel Edison

Eliza S. Edison


Marion Estelle Edison

Thomas Alva Edison Jr.

William Leslie Edison

Madeleine Edison

Charles Edison

Theodore Miller Edison

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