Tel Aviv is the second most-populated city in Israel, after Jerusalem, and the nation's largest metropolitan area. It is often considered the most important and powerful Israeli city, and is home to many international businesses and foreign embassies, as well as the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, being the nation's financial capital. It is the 2nd-largest economy in the Middle East after Dubai, and the 31st most expensive city in the world. It is sometimes referred to by its nickname, "the City that Never Sleeps."

It began as the ancient city of Jaffa, which now exists as an area within Tel Aviv itself. Some legends ascribe Jaffa to have been named for Japheth, son of Noah, and established by him after the Biblical flood. The town was founded around 7500 B.C. and was for centuries a formidable military stronghold. The city of Tel Aviv was founded on top of Jaffa in 1909. 

Today, Tel Aviv is known for its vivacity, waterfront views, skyline and modern buildings, history, vivacity, and for its atmosphere of wealth and business mixed with nightlife and parties. 

People Born in Tel Aviv

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Tel Aviv in People's Lives

Liam NeesonI traveled here in 1985 to film scenes of the movie The Delta Force. We filmed on location at the Ben Gurion International Airport.

Napoleon Bonaparte: During my occupation of Egypt and Syria, I traveled to Jaffa in 1799, where I found a solid military fortress full of elite Ottoman soliders. Since this city was a vital entry point into Syria, and had a port large enough for my fleet, it was imperitive that I capture this city. I laid siege to Jaffa with my armies, and blocked off their resources. I sent a messenger to demand surrender from the Ottoman commander, but my messenger was beheaded. Disgusted, I ordered my armies to mercilessly attack the fort's towers with cannonballs, destroying them. The siege went on for 4 days before the city fell to me, and the remaining enemy soldiers inside were brutally trapped and slaughtered. Meanwhile, a plague was beginning to spread through my army, and I established a hospital for the sick. The Bubonic Plague continued to strike my men, which worried me far more than any hostile army. It is said that I would go to the sick and visit them, touching them and saying "See, it is nothing," but others later said that this was propaganda, and that I avoided the plague victims at all costs. From Jaffa, I set off to take the city of Acre.

Natalie Portman: I have often been here throughout my life, and love this city. In August of 2006, I visited this city with my cousin, where I relaxed and went to a local bookshop. In February of 2015, I bid on a luxurious, enormous penthouse at the top of Tel Aviv's most elite building, the Meier-on Rothschild Tower. I ended up in a bidding war against Madonna, who also desperately wanted the apartment. 

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