Kykuit, Tarrytown, NY - view from entrance
Tarrytown is a small suburban town in southern New York, on the Hudson River and about 25 miles from Manhattan.

The town was established in 1645 by Dutch fishermen, farmers, and fur trappers.

Today, Tarrytown is filled with affluent, extravagent mansions with sweeping views of the Hudson River.

People Born in Tarrytown

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Tarrytown in People's Lives

Charles Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie: I was here in 1779 planning a surprise raid on the home of a high-ranking Loyalist, and his subsequent capture. My plans must have been well thought out, because the capture went brilliantly.

Hailee Steinfeld: I traveled here in 2014 to film scenes of the movie Ten Thousand Saints

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2012 to film scenes of the movie Side Effects

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