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Taganrog is a port city in southwestern Russia, located in a bay on the Sea of Azov, close to the mouth of the Don River.

Though there is evidence of civilization here stretching back to the Stone Age, the first known city was founded in approximately the 3rd Century BC by Greek colonist, the earliest Greek settlement in the Northwestern Black Sea region. It was the site of the first Russian naval base, founded in 1698.

Today, Taganrog is known for its port, maritime trade, economic promiencee and status, and seaside.

People Born in Taganrog

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Taganrog in People's Lives

Peter the Great: I founded the first Russian naval base here in 1698. The base was the culmination of a long held dream of mine, always having believed that the Russian empire needed a strong navy, despite much disagreement. I later returned this city to the Ottomans as party of a treaty agreement in 1710.

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