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Surabaya is the 2nd largest city in Indonesia, located on the northeastern shore of the island of Java, at the beginning of the Mas River and along the edge of the Madura Strait. It has a population of over 3.1 million.

The city was first mentioned in history in 1225, then known as "Jung-ya-lu." By the 15th Century, it has risen to powerful status as the home of the sultan, and a center for military and political influence. 

Today, Surabaya is known for its large size, waterfront, its mythic legend of being the place of a battle between a shark and a crocodile in a contest of while animal was strongest, its flooding during the monsoons, its zoo - recently causing worldwide outrage over its inhumane treatment of rare animals such as tigers, and nearby volcano.

People Born in Surabaya

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Surabaya in People's Lives

Olivia CulpoI traveled here in January, 2013.

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