Stuttgart is the capital city of the state of Baden-Wurttemberg in southwestern Germany. It is the sixth largest city in Germany overall. 

It was first settled as a Roman fort in the 1st Century, after which an abbey was founded here in the 8th Century.

Today, Stuttgart is known for its beautiful historic buildings, castles and palaces, blend of both old and modern architecture, rolling hill terrain, numerous vineyards and parks, its automobile heritage, quality of life, creativity, and innovation.

People Born in Stuttgart

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Stuttgart in People's Lives

Hermann Hesse: I was sent here at the end of 1892, at the age of 16, to attend the Gymnasium School here. This followed a year-long period of depression, an attempted suicide, bitter feuds with my family, and the shuffling about between institutions, hospitals, and mental institutions in various cities. Here, I recovered and once again set myself to my studies. However, this did not last long, as I now found a new circle of friends who were older than I was, and who drank and smoked heavily. Enamored, I too took up these habits. I passed my One Year Examination in 1893 and left this school, which was to be my last form of education. I was sent to nearby Esslingen am Neckar to begin an apprenticeship.

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