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Strasbourg is the capital of the Alsace region in northeastern France, and the capital of the department of Bas-Rhin. It is the 9th largest metropolitan area in France and the seat of the European Parliament.

Though inhabited since Prehistoric times, settlement began around 10 BC as a Roman military outpost, then named "Argentoratum." 

Today, Strasbourg is known as one of the most powerful and beautiful of the northern French cities, renowned for its canals draped in flowers, historic buildings, downtown area, political center, university, Germanic heritage, port, and innovation.

People Born in Strasbourg

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Strasbourg in People's Lives

John Calvin: I traveled here in 1538, finally reaching this city two years later than my original plan: I had left Paris in 1536, intent on living here, but had been forced to make a detour and stop in Geneva. Though I had intended to only be in Switzerland overnight, it turned into two years. Eventually I had been outcast from Geneva and, while seeking permission to go back, had been offered a position to preside over a church in this city by none other than Martin Bucer, a leading reformist and a personal hero of mine. And so, I ended up here in the most perfect series of events. I reached this city in September of 1538 and threw myself into my new church, intensely devoted and enthusiastic for my new post. I intended to stay permanently, and became a citizen of the city a few months after arriving. While here, I served three different churches, giving lectures or sermons daily, and also writing a handful of highly successful books on theology and church doctrine. I was encouraged to marry, as I renounced the Catholic tradition of celibacy amongst religious leaders, and did so in August of 1540, after sifting through a number of insuitable young ladies. I married a Dutch widow named Idelette, who already had two children from her past marriage, whom I cared for as my own. I was 31 years of age at the time. Around this time, I was also invited to return to Geneva, where confidence in the local churches was dwindling. This city agreed to "lend" me to Geneva for a period of six months, and I left here in September of 1541 in an official envoy for myself and my family.

Jude Law: I traveled here in 2010 to film scenes of the movie Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. We filmed on location at Place de la Cathedrale.


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