Stanford is a college town in central California, the location of Stanford University, which makes up most of the town itself. It is adjacent to the city of Palo Alto. 

The university was founded in 1885 by Leland Stanford, and the town grew around it specifically to meet the needs of the rising number of students.

People Born in Stanford


Stanford in People's Lives

Otto RankI gave regular lectures here at Stanford University, between approximately 1930 - 1935. I was so charmed by the university campus, with its warm climate, beaches, and swaying palm trees, that I dreamed of moving here and working as a professor at the university. I was planning to do just this, but I first had to divorce my wife - an amicable decision that was reached by both of us; we were already seperated. However, for the sake of our daughter Helene, we both agreed to wait to officially divorce until she graduated from Swarthmore College. After that day came and went, I got an official divorce and married my new sweetheart, my secretary Estelle. I filed for U.S. citizenship and prepared for the move, but died only two months after my wedding, in 1939.

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