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Springfield is a city in southern Massachusetts, located 24 miles north of Hartford on the Connecticut River. It is one of only two metropolitan areas in Massachusetts, the other being Boston. It is the third-largest city in its state, and the fourth-largest city in New England. Though many towns also share the name of Springfield, this was the first "Springfield" in the New World. Another claim to fame that it proudly possesses is that the sport of basketball was invented here. 

It was founded as a Puritan plantation in 1636, and named after the founder's hometown of Springfield, Essex, England. It soon became a prosperous agricultural and trading town.

Today, Springfield is known for its quality of life, culture, history, Victorian homes and buildings, downtown area, riverfront, bridge, and distinct, often pictaresque neighborhoods.

People Born in Springfield

Chloe Sevigny

Springfield in People's Lives

Liam Neeson: I traveled here in 1995 to film scenes of the movie Before and After

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