Spring Green is a small town in southern Wisconsin, with a population of approximately 1600 inhabitants. Not much is known about its establishment or history, but today it is primarily known for its lush greenery, peaceful countryside atmosphere, houses, and part in the life of Frank Lloyd Wright.

People Born in Spring Green


Spring Green in People's Lives

Mamah Borthwick: After returning from our trip to Florence and Europe in 1910, my lover Frank Lloyd Wright and I knew that we could not return to Chicago, where both of our spouses lived. Wishing to avoid a scandal, Frank secretly purchased a plot of land in this town, of which he had dear childhood memories, and built Taliesin House, a beautiful work of unique architecture, which felt both luxuriously grand and like a cozy country cottage. Despite our efforts to keep our relationship secret, it was soon found out by reporters, who printed the story on Christmas Eve. Society was scandalized, and we were treated with great hostility and disgust in Spring Green. Some people even clamored for Wright's arrest for immorality, but the Chicago police pointed out that they could not prove that Frank and I were doing anything wrong. As the result of the scandal, Frank's work suffered, and he did not get another commission for years. Despite this, however, he always remained sure that he wanted to be with me. In August of 1914, one of our recently-hired servants, a man from Barbados, set fire to our Taliesin house and, as the fire raged, murdered me with an axe, along with my two children and four others. The motives and reasons behind my murder were never brought to light. 

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