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Soligny-la-Trappe is a small abbey town in the department of Orne in northwestern France.

It mainly consists of the La Trappe Abbey, where the Catholic Order of Strict Observance originated.

The town began with a chapel built in 1122.

The abbey is still fully functioning today.

People Born in Soligny-la-Trappe


Soligny-la-Trappe in People's Lives

Charles Armand Tuffin de la Rouërie: After my romance with actress Marie-Anne Fleury failed, I rode here for refuge, partially from my own thoughts of suicide. I stayed from approximately 1774 - 1776, and for these two years, intended to become a monk, and trained to do so. Eventually, however, I realized that a brazen, fiery young man like myself was not meant for such a life, and I returned to Paris.

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