Slavkov poz
Slavkov u Brna is a town in the southeastern Czech Republic. Historically, it was known as Austerlitz, which it is still commonly referred to as today.

It was established as a monastery stronghold built by the Teutonic Order in the 13th Century, and its first mention in history dates to 1237.

Today, it is best known as the location of the grand Slavkov Castle, as well as for its churches, architecture, and history.

People Born in Slavkov u Brna

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Slavkov u Brna in People's Lives

Napoleon Bonaparte: I won the Battle of Austerlitz, or, the Battle of the Three Emperors, here in December of 1805. Many consider this my greatest victory. Strategically and tactically, the battle is now regarded as a masterpiece, perhaps one of the finest victories in history. My forces completely destroyed our two joined opposing armies, the Austrians and the forces of the pope. To the 16,000 enemy forces killed on the battlefield, we lost only 1300. 

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