Sitka is a town in southeastern Alaska, located partially on Baranof Island and partially on Chichagof Island in the Alaskan Panhandle. 

The area was inhabited by the Tlingit natives for thousands of years before the first European settlement in 1799. Originally, the town was a Russian colony called "New Archangel." 

Today, Sitka is known for its waterfront, surrounding mountains, Native American heritage, forests and wildlife, busy port, and outdoor activities.

People Born in Sitka

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Sitka in People's Lives

Juan Francisco de la Bodega y Quadra: I landed here with the ship I was commanding in August of 1775. We had expected to find a strong Russian prescence here, but instead found the land empty and untouched. I claimed this area for Spain, and continued onward, encouraged by the sparse Russian show of power shown here, and convinced that the Russians did not have nearly so strong a hold on this land than they had led us to believe. I also worked hard on drawing a map of the western North Americas. Soon after visiting here, I sailed back, my mission complete.

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