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Singapore is an Asian city-state and island country. It was established as a small seaside town called Tamasek in the 2nd Century.

Singapore, one of the most powerful and wealthy cities in Asia, is widely regarded as one of the most beautifully exotic cities in the world. It is best known for its iconic architectural works, including the Marina Bay Sands Resort, the most expensive building in the world. There are countless examples of unique, modern architecture through-out the city. Singapore is a major financial and commercial site, with the 4th largest financial center in the world. It is one of the world's five busiest ports.

It offers a high quality of living, being beautiful, clean, well educated, wealthy, economically strong, and respected for its safety, government transparency, and healthcare system.

People Born in Singapore

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Singapore in People's Lives

Connie Talbot: I traveled here in 2008 to perform a concert, at the age of eight. After my tour, my songs reached #3 on billboard charts here.

Hermann Hesse: I traveled here in 1911, on a trip meant to provide me with temporary relief from my strained marriage, as well as help me to find the source of the Eastern spirituality that I had long followed. 

Ian McEwan: My parents and I moved here in 1954, when I was six years old, for my father's military job. I spent much time with my mother and her English friends, before we moved briefly to Germany in 1956.

Joseph Conrad: I traveled here in 1885 on a merchant marine voyage.

Romola Garai: My family moved here from China in 1987, when I was five years old. We left in 1990 to move to England.

Rudyard Kipling: I visited this city in 1889, during a world tour of shorts through Asia and the United States.

Taylor Swift: I traveled here in 2011 to perform a concert. While staying here, I found an unusual opportunity for relaxation, and explored the streets with some of my bandmates, where we were caught up in a surprise street parade. Back at my hotel, I had time for room service and a Friends marathon.

Ziyi Zhang: I traveled here in 2011, and was granted ambassador status for the 2011 Screen Singapore Film Festival, considered a great honor, especially for a non-resident.


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