Silver City is a town in southwestern New Mexico.

It was once part of the land roamed by the Apache indians, and became a copper mining area established by the Spanish in the 18th Century. The town was officially founded in 1870. 

Today, it is known for its charming New Mexican appeal, unique houses and architecture, downtown area, history of bandits and outlaws of the Wild West, rumored buried treasure, and Native American heritage.

People Born in Silver City

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Silver City in People's Lives

Lottie Deno: I moved here with my gambling lover Frank in 1880, and I came to own the Broadway Restaurant here. Frank and I decided, after having lived in sin for all these years, to get married, which we did here in 1880. Becoming an officially married couple running a restaurant grounded us in many ways, and we soon decided to give up gambling and lead stable, normal lives. However, that was difficult to do in this town famous for its wild saloons and prostitutes, so we moved to Deming, New Mexico in 1882.

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