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Sharon Stone is an American actress. She has won 1 Golden Globe Award, has been nominated for one other Golden Globe, and nominated for one Academy Award. She also won an Emmy Award.

Full Name Sharon Vonne Stone
Who actress
Birth Date March 10, 1958
Born Meadville, Pennsylvania, USA
Country United States
Education Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Father Joseph William Stone II
Mother Dorothy Marie Lawson Stone

Michael Greenburg

Phil Bronstein


Kelly Stone

Michael Stone

Patrick Stone


Roan Joseph Bronstein

Laird Vonne Stone

Quinn Kelly Stone


Stone met Michael Greenburg on the set of The Vegas Strip War in 1984. They began dating, and married very quickly, also in 1984. They seperated in 1989, and officially divorced in 1990. 

Stone's most iconic role was in the film Basic Instinct, and for her role, there is a shockingly explicit scene in which Stone's vagina is clearly visible. When interviewed about it early after the film's release in 1992, she said that the scene was "so fun." However, in a later interview, she said that she had been unaware how explicit the scene was going to end up being. She accused director Paul Verhoeven of misleading her, or at the very least of not showing her the final scene until she was watching it at the premiere. She said "I was shocked... I went into the booth and slapped him and left." However, Verhoeven has vehemently denied this, saying that she was made aware of the scene before she was even cast. He has said "As much as I love her, I hate her, especially after those lies she told the press about the shot between her legs, which was a straight lie."

Stone was determined that Leonardo DiCaprio be her co-star in The Quick and the Dead, released in 1995. When studio producers thought that he wasn't right for the role, she offered to pay his salary for them. She did, and he was cast as her love interest in the film. However, in real life, the two did not have much chemistry. DiCaprio later spoke negatively of their onscreen kiss, and said that Stone had "hurt" his lip.

After making an infamously insensitive comment about the Sichuan Earthquake in 2008 - suggesting that the Chinese had gotten the earthquake through "karma" because they were unkind to other nations - Stone claimed that she was a friend of the Dalai Lama, and that she was only trying to support him and his country. However, when asked about their supposed friendship later, the Lama only said "Yes, I've met that lady."

Stone is a friend of Shimon Peres, and has called him her "mentor." They traveled to Israel together in 2006 to promote peace in the Middle East.

How Added - Through Leonardo DiCaprio

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