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Shanghai is the largest city in China and, by population, the largest city in the world.

Shanghai began as a small village around 1050.

Today, it is recognized as one of the most powerful cities in the world, an international center for business, finance and architecture.

People Born in Shanghai

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Shanghai in People's Lives

Adelina Sotnikova: I traveled here in 2011 for the Figure Skating Cup of China, which I placed third in.

Magnus Carlsen: I traveled here in September of 2010 to compete in the Grand Slam Chess Events finals, in which I placed third, knocking me down temporarily from my place as number one player in the world. This led to some speculation that my activities outside of chess, namely modeling for G-Star Raw, were distracting me - an opinion that I denied.

Pearl S. Buck - I moved here with my mother and my siblings in 1901, as the Boxer Rebellion had made life unsafe for us in our former home of Zhenjiang. My father, however, stayed behind. Later in the year, we left for a temporary visit back to the United States, in order to enroll my older brother in university. In a quite similar situatioin in 1925, I came here with my father and husband after violence against whites had erupted in our now home of Nanjing, and we had been rescued by an American ship. We could have avoided this incident by leaving the city weeks earlier, but my father had insisted on staying until the last minute, when we had to hide in a Chinese friend's hut while our house was looted. We headed from this city to Japan, but my father refused to leave China.

Ralph FiennesI traveled here in 2004 to film the movie The White Countess.

Taylor Swift: I traveled here in 2014 to perform a concert. When tickets for the concert went on sale a few months prior to the show, every single ticket was sold out in under 1 minute - the fastest-selling tickets in world history.

Ziyi Zhang: I frequently visit here for work as an A-list actress. I filmed scenes of 2046 here in 2003.


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